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But head over to Universityadmissions.se ↗️ to find out more. There are a few other dates and deadlines you’ll need to keep in mind. You apply through universityadmissions.se, the Swedish National Admissions Portal. Create an account and rank your selection of programmes.

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Applicants with foreign academic credentials should follow the documentation requirements for master's applicants at universityadmissions.se 2020-09-08 To study at Malmö University you must apply online through universityadmissions.se. The website contains all the information you need for the application process and the steps you need to take after you have completed it. A complete list of required documents can be found at UniversityAdmissions.se: Required documents. Conditional Admission for Students in their Final Year If you do not hold the required degree but are registered for the last year of a programme leading to such a degree, conditional admission is permitted if you send in the following documents with your application: Unfortunately, Universityadmissions.se do not currently have the capability on to display uploaded documents. The best thing is to be sure the documents you're uploading – especially things like essays and letters of intent - are your final versions. You should not upload any other documents even though additional documents may be listed on the University Admissions website. Last day to apply and upload your documents is 15 April.

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In order to complete your admissions application, you must provide the following documents so they arrive at University   Mar 24, 2021 You submit all official certificates and transcripts required for your application to University Admissions in Sweden. You do not submit these  In your universityadmissions.se account you can find out whether your documents have arrived and what the status of your application is.

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Universityadmissions se documents

Documentation proving that you meet the general entry requirements for bachelor’s ↗️ or master’s ↗️ programmes. Proof of English proficiency ↗️.

Required documents Bachelors Required documents Masters.
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Your application ID from universityadmissions.se must be noted on the scholarship application form. It consists of 8 digits. Provide application documents (Bachelor's) Provide application documents (Master's) Whether or not you need to submit additional documents to those stated at www.universityadmissions.se is decided by the individual department responsible for the course or programme.

if you choose to submit a supporting document, you need to upload it online at universityadmissions.se. The supporting document consists of two parts: a brief description of your experience of communication for development issues that prepare you for studies in the programme; and a Letter of Intent in which you describe your motivations and objectives for applying to the programme. Application opens at universityadmissions.se. January 15, 2021 Last day to apply through universityadmissions.se Deadline at midnight CET. February 1, 2021 Last day for supporting academic documents to be uploaded at University Admissions.
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Either create an account or log into your existing account (if you have already created one). Upload the documents as listed above to your universityadmissions.se account. You have now applied to your courses. All documents should be submitted to the central Swedish system universityadmissions.se. They are not processed directly by Stockholm University. It is important that you read the instructions on how to document your eligibility. Be sure to read about what you need to submit, and how your documents must be submitted, below.

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Work and leadership experience is … Once you have completed your application with your academic credentials and English proficiency, you also need to submit a supporting document. For students applying in the first application round (international admission round, October 16- January 15), the supporting document must be uploaded to universityadmissions.se by February 1.

In order for your application to be  After you have made your application, you must upload your documents or send in required documents to : University Admissions in Sweden R 312. SE–106 53  Last day to apply through universityadmissions.se Deadline at midnight CET. February 1, 2021. Last day for supporting academic documents to be uploaded at   Mar 24, 2021 Online application. You apply for an evaluation of your foreign qualifications and upload your documents at utbildningsbedomning-en.uhr.se  Online application form (accessed through. Universityadmissions.se during the application period).